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Our Commercial Service


Ready to open your Cafe?!

We are here to help!

At this early stage, you may be overwhelmed with many important decisions. We understand how difficult it can get. What you need, then, is a group consultant, one trusted by many successful ventures, such as we have assembled here at Coffee Atelier.

Why us?!

  • Expert business consulting

  • Bar design

  • Coffee selection

  • Menu design & recipes idea

  • Staff training

  • Machines selection and support

  • Educational material and courses


Having a cafe is not an easy business if not planned well.  We understand why many cafes fail after starting up. This is possible to overcome with the proper guidance. Here at Coffee Atelier, we have a team of experts for that task: to prepare business owners like you to confidently plan, open, and manage your new coffee shop or roastery—not, as is too often the case, to let it manage you.

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